Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spore Poly...unk DICKO's Talk.

Unk Dicko was invited to speak on two Sats the 22 $ 29 of Nov 2008 at the SILVER INFOCOMM DAY. Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium.
Full details of that event and my involvement can be found at my MAIN Blogsite:
The Wise Old Owl @ www.uncledicko.blogspot.com

The Auditorium was fully packed. One of my Blogging "disciples" from Sg North Contact 123,,Florence Goh, was there.
I asked if any of my disciples were present during my talk. A hand went up and waved from the far left top corner. Unk Dicko...being the Wise Owl also has super vision. One look and I could recognise who it was even though the distance between us was far!
If u want to improve YOUR VISION to like mine...go to my Owl Blog and look for the post,
" How to improve your Vision ". I have 3 posts on this subject there, I think.
And it is NO HOKEY POKEY stuff.
I'm the living testament to the simple methods I outlined there.
Go have a look!



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