Friday, December 5, 2008

Unk Dicko mentioned in Minister's Speech

Hi Unk Dick
Need to let you know that Minister's speech this Saturday is going to be quite interactive. The plan right now is for him to invite you on-stage, to demo your Blog and Facebook, in the early part of his speech. To prep you in advance, pls have a look at these paras extracted from the draft speech for Min :

4. Indeed, this is how Mr Dick Yip, a retired school teacher communicates with his grandchildren, ex-students and friends. Before becoming an active blogger, he spent over 36 hours to build his own blog. Now, he is more connected with his peers than ever before, linking at least 100 family members and friends all over the world. (Mr Yip presses a button and flashes his blog and Facebook family photo album on screen.) 5. Thank you, Mr Yip for being an inspiration and role model in showing us that age is no barrier in learning infocomm. As you can see, the internet is not just a library or encyclopaedia where you can find general information from Taiji to cooking and from calligraphy to healthcare. Now, you can communicate, share and connect with people through the new facilities that are being made available for you.

unk Dicko says....

This took place at the Opening of Infocomm Day 2008 at S'pore Poly.

Sat Nov 22 2008

Minister was at the Main lectern, I was at the right lectern on stage.

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